street sesh

Street sesh is a wicked skateboarding game just like the series of tony hawk games that hit the playstation circuit, The graphics and gameplay are really well thought out making it a fun and addictive game to play. around 3,500 people play street sesh every single day and after just 10 minutes of playing the game it's easy to see why. Basically you have to make your way through each level doing tricks to gain points as you go along. If you haven't played street sesh before and so you don't know all of the buttons and keys don't worry as they can be found beneath the game. On some computers you may find the game strangely appearing at the top left of the page, just scroll down and it will put the game back in it's proper place. enjoy streest sesh and have fun!

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If you haven't already you will need to download the new flash player onto your browser in order to play this game.

It's a legitamte program so please do not be alarmed if your asked to download it.

You can also download the program directly by doing a quick Google search for it incase you didn't want to download whilst being reffered by this website.

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Street sesh is a fantastic online game based on the popular tony hawks skateboarding game. Because it's a flash game it of course doesn't have as many features or as many functions however it is still extremely enjoyable and can keep keen players amused for hours on end. When i first start playing the game the bit i found the hardest was steering the character in a straight line. there is nothing more annoying than when you fall off as this game makes you wait the best part of 5-6 seconds before you can begin to skate again. The whole point of street sesh is to find all of the hidden objects and score as many points as you can by performing awesome tricks along the way. Because street sesh is built on a different platform to most online games it may not work on your computer. If this is the case it simply means you need to install the latest flash player plugin to make it work. Steet sesh has been test on a variety of browsers with no problems.

If you have enjoyed playing street sesh we recommend that you check out the forum where you can meet and chat with other players. when using the forum or the comment box please remember to not be abusive as we wish to obtain a friendly community where everyone is welcome to play.


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  63. wont work

    (Posted on 2011-07-29 18:30:00 by )
  64. street sesh is not coming up for me to play it

    (Posted on 2011-06-29 15:21:00 by )

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